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Ever wonder what the experts recommend? Me too. I’m not going to pretend to be the most knowledgeable women’s health provider around, but after years of learning from my clients and 5 pregnancies of my own, I’m happy to share the products that my clients and I have found to be the most helpful to mommas.

This page contains affiliate links. The products and business owners that I work with are ones that I personally choose and have typically recommended prior to establishing an affiliate relationship. I may receive compensation if you buy something through the links below. This is how I can continue supporting my site without distracting ads, and I hope that you enjoy my recommendations! Don’t see your favorite product? Let me know.


Book Cover with Title 'A Life Postpartum' Text Over a Blooming Flower with Author Name Lisa Hardwick at the Bottom of the Cover with Affiliate Coupon Code ACTIVE for 20% Off

Lisa shared her book with me at a pivotal time in my life. She helped me feel less alone in my struggle to adjust to motherhood and gave me hope that I could find myself again. I felt empowered to seek out the support that I needed instead of feeling ashamed.

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