Childbirth Class: Active Labor

Enter birth feeling
capable, confident,
and empowered

Your body is capable.

Your partner can support you.

Your preferences matter.

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Childbirth Prep Classes

Ease your fears and gain confidence. Learn to use movement and comfort measures to support your body doing what it was made to do. Get ready to meet your baby!

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Birth Coaching

If you are looking for support and want to go more in-depth on specific birth topics that are important to you, coaching is for you.

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Welcome to the Active Labor Childbirth Prep Class!

Are you dreaming of a powerful birth experience?

You are in the right place to make that a reality if…

  • You don’t feel fully prepared yet
  • You want your partner to be able to help you but they don’t know how
  • You want to feel more in control
  • You want to know what to do to reduce your risk of tearing or a C-section
  • You aren’t sure how much say you have in your birth

Now, imagine heading into birth…

  • feeling confident in your body, your partner, and your provider
  • knowing the movements, positions and techniques to ease your pain and help bring your baby to you

We created Active Labor to help you AND your partner feel capable and confident heading into birth.

We know you are busy, so we offer a variety of ways for you to prepare for birth. Check out the options for your childbirth class below.

What to Expect:

  • A class for you and your birth partner to learn and practice techniques you can use prior to, during and after the birth of your child that have been shown to reduce risks of injury and improve your birth experience, including movement, positioning, and hands-on comfort measures
  • Gain confidence in your body by learning the various stages of labor and how current evidence supports your preferences
  • Get your partner involved. Your partner will learn ways to support you during labor and birth for an improved birth experience for everyone
  • Prepare for an empowered birth experience that aligns with your values no matter the circumstances

Included with Childbirth Class:

  • Birth Cheat Sheet: key positions, movements, and hands-on techniques covered in class for you to use when baby is ready to arrive
  • Access to our facebook groups for expectant and new moms
  • Handout of Local Resources, including lactation support, maternal mental health support, and physical therapy services and more because a healthy baby starts with a healthy mom

About the Instructor Alex Courts:

Dr. Alex Courts has her doctorate in physical therapy and is passionate about improving recovery for moms, which is a topic that is often not talked about enough. She uses her advanced training in obstetrics and women’s health to help achieve this goal, starting with education during pregnancy to prevent as many issues as possible. Moms have enough on their plate and Alex wants to help you set you up to thrive in your motherhood journey. 

To learn more about Alex, see our About Us page

What clients are saying

I highly recommend taking this class with Alex! As first-time expecting parents, my husband and I had no idea there were so many different labor positions and were unfamiliar with the many stages of labor. Alex was communicative leading up to the class, shared helpful resources before, during, and after the class, and frequently checked in to see how we were doing and if we had any questions. Her knowledge of physical therapy was very evident, and she explained anatomy concepts in a way that was easy to understand. The pictures and explanations of different labor positions on the "cheat sheet" and practicing during the class were so helpful—we will definitely be bringing it with us to the hospital! My husband and I feel so much more empowered and confident after working with Alex.
Expectant First Time Mom
My partner and I attended the Active Labor Class through Vibrant Physical Therapy and Wellness in preparation for the birth of our second child. Even though we had been through the process before, I had never taken a birth class and I wanted to have a better understanding and control this time around. It was an incredible experience for my partner and I. We left the class feeling so informed and prepared for any situation. This time around, I feel like my partner was way more prepared to help me through the process. Alex Courts did an incredible job with helping ease both of our stress and anxiety. She has also continued to be a fantastic resource for postpartum health. I highly recommend the Active Labor Class to all parents.
Second Time Momma
This Active Labor class was extremely informative and set a great foundation for preparing for child birth. I think both my husband and I assumed we would be walked through the process as I went into labor and didn’t realize just how much say we could have in the process. Understanding how different positions can be used as tools to ease pain/facilitate delivery is something that will be very beneficial. This knowledge led us to begin discussing a birth plan and feeling empowered to open up dialogue with my provider about the individualized birth plan we would like to have. I couldn’t recommend this class enough!
First Time Couple

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Classes that are convenient to you

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Online Class That Works Around Your Schedule

The class that works around your busy schedule. Take the class all at once or at your own pace. You have access to the modules for 180 days, so you can even review the modules just before babe arrives. Plus, you can still access group support to connect with other expectant families.

*Note: We are in the process of optimizing this course. It is currently a recording of our live class with additional helpful resources. If you purchase now, you will have access to the updated course as well as the full recording (as long as your purchase is current). The price of this course is planned to increase after it has been updated. 

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Live Options

Options Available In-Your-Home, Virtual, and Community

We believe community is more important than ever. We are tentatively planning group classes in 2022. Get on the waitlist or schedule your own private couple or group class by contacting us today.

Get informed without having to go back to school


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Due to the nature of birth, we cannot guarantee a particular outcome. The majority of birthing people with otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy and labor have experienced a vaginal birth in the past per ACOG. In these cases, client preference and presence of support person play an important role in birth.

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