We offer services to improve your physical health throughout your motherhood journey.

Motherhood can be a challenging time to get the care you need, so we provide physical therapy and wellness services during pregnancy and postpartum in your home, in your community, in our clinic spaces in Mason, Ohio and Hyde Park, Ohio and virtually. We are one of the only providers offering this clinic/mobile hybrid service, so contact us today to get the care you need.


I know what it’s like to assume that our healthcare system will tell you what you need before and after birth, only to realize that you are actually the best person to determine how you will give birth and what feels right or wrong postpartum. I am here to support you as you gain knowledge and confidence in your voice, your body and your abilities throughout your motherhood journey.

More about the Owner:


Alex doesn’t doesn’t just study women’s health, she lives it. With the birth of her daughter, Alex had the humbling opportunity to experience the twists and turns of pregnancy and postpartum recovery that so many of us go through. Navigating our current healthcare system was challenging, even for a healthcare provider. This experience has spurred Alex to rethink her own care and the care of her clients. Alex focuses on the wellness of the whole person and not just focusing on a single issue. She educates and empowers her clients to live their best life as she strives to do the same.

More on Alex’s background:

Dr. Alexandra Randolph Courts, DPT grew up in the Cincinnati area. Alex’s career began with a focus on orthopedics and chronic pain after graduating from Physical Therapy School at Ohio State. Since Alex’s birth experience, she has gone on pursue additional training in women’s health to broaden her ability to help clients avoid unnecessary medical interventions, reduce risk of injury, gain confidence and strength before, during, and after birth. Alex has completed her Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist training and completed courses in external pelvic floor, breastfeeding, and childbirth. Alex is continuing to take specialty courses in obstetrics and is loving bringing this information back to her community and clients. Alex enjoys partnering with local providers and fitness professionals to best serve you, so Contact Us with your needs and if we do not provide the service you are looking for, we will do our best to direct you to those that can.



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