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We Believe Maternal Healthcare Can Be Better

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Dr. Alex, DPT

Our Owner
Pregnancy & Postpartum Specialist

We offer services to improve your physical health throughout your motherhood journey.

Motherhood can be a challenging time to get the care you need, so we provide wellness services during pregnancy and postpartum in the convenience of your home and community.  

Alex is currently providing educational content online only at this time. She and her women’s health partner Kristina are currently working on creating free postpartum recovery guides for moms like you. If you would like to be the first to access the guides, contact Alex to get your guide when it is available (aiming for August 2022).

She is not currently providing physical therapy. You can find a list of other wonderful local providers that do provide physical therapy here

Our Why

We know what it’s like to expect that our healthcare system will tell us what we need before and after birth, only to realize that we are actually the best people to determine how we will give birth and what feels right or wrong postpartum.

We believe moms need to be listened to, tended to and respected. We feel that when given the knowledge they need, moms are equipped to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Providing these things take time. Time that is sometimes not available in our current healthcare system, unfortunately. 

We have seen moms benefit from:

  • education on how to safely exercise during pregnancy
  • learning that their bodies are capable of giving birth and ways to support their bodies and reduce risk of injuries
  • more than a single, rushed visit postpartum
    • Other countries provide this as a standard of care, so we are taking a bold step to help provide more support postpartum. 

So we have pursued training in obstetrics and pregnancy and postpartum topics to make sure that moms who want these options can have them. 

Alex is here to support you as you gain knowledge and confidence in your voice, your body and your abilities throughout your motherhood journey.

About Our Owner
Dr. Alex Courts, DPT, PCES

Alex Courts, PT, DPT, PCES

Alex doesn’t doesn’t just study women’s health, she lives it. With the birth of her two daughters, Alex has had the humbling opportunity to experience the twists and turns of pregnancy and postpartum recovery that so many of us go through. Navigating our current healthcare system was challenging, even for a healthcare provider. This experience has spurred Alex to rethink her own care and the care of her clients. Alex focuses on the wellness of the whole person and not just focusing on a single issue. She educates and empowers her clients to thrive among the messiness of motherhood and she strives to do the same.

More on Alex’s background:

Dr. Alexandra Randolph Courts, DPT grew up in the Cincinnati area. Alex’s career began with a focus on orthopedics and chronic pain after graduating from Physical Therapy School at Ohio State. Since Alex’s birth experience, she has gone on pursue additional training in women’s health to broaden her ability to help clients utilize comfort measures to ease birth, reduce risk of injury, gain confidence and strength before, during, and after birth. Alex has completed courses in external pelvic floor, breastfeeding, childbirth, and obstetrics to name a few. Alex is continuing to take specialty courses and enjoys bringing this information back to her community and clients. Alex values partnering with local providers and fitness professionals to best serve you, so Contact Us with your needs and if we do not provide the service you are looking for, we will do our best to direct you to those that can.

Here are just a few of Alex's women's health qualifications:


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What Clients Are Saying

...my husband and I had no idea there were so many different labor positions and were unfamiliar with the many stages of labor... she explained anatomy concepts i n a way that was easy to understand... My husband and I feel so much more empowered and confident after working with Alex.
Expectant First Time Mom
...Alex was a very motivational instructor and was able to provide great feedback... Her knowledge is extensive and this workshop gave me the confidence to get back into postpartum fitness safely.
First Time Mom
...The instruction and explanation from Alex helped me activate all of my muscles, especially those we don’t think of that need the most attention right after having a baby. She also did a fantastic job of modifying every exercise for each persons ability... The community that Alex builds makes it so much fun... I was so grateful and it has really jumpstarted my journey back into being physically active.
Second Time Mom, Former Athlete

See more testimonials under the specific service of interest in the Pregnancy and Postpartum sections. 

*See Notes for more info on our testimonials.

How we help.

pregnant or postpartum mom doing squats


save time, prepare for birth, and recover realistically

postpartum mom lifting baby using proper body mechanics for physical therapy

Body Mechanics

feed, lift, and care for baby in a way that supports recovery

pregnant mom holding her pregnant belly


no posture shaming, just using posture as a tool for recovery

hands surrounding a flower representing pregnancy and postpartum massage

Hands-on Comfort

help your partner learn hands-on techniques for comfort

postpartum mom running


learn about your amazing body and how to tend to it

pregnant couple labor dancing during childbirth class

Childbirth Classes

learn to support you body's natural ability for birth


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*Testimonials on this site are not paid. Some of our testimonials have been provided by clients who have made purchases and some by attendees of free workshops, classes or services.