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Alex is currently on maternity leave. If you are looking to start new services with her after October 2021, please reach out via email to to get on the waitlist for services upon her return. If you are in need of services before November of 2021, you can find other local providers at this list here. These are just a few of the great providers available in our great city.

Childbirth Classes Cincinnati and Mason, Ohio

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Email me at to arrange your class. Classes dates available through September 2021 and will resume after January 2022.

Postpartum Exercise and Physical Therapy After Having a Baby in Cincinnati and Mason Ohio; Alternative to Personal Training; Group Fitness Classes


Physical Therapy and Exercise for Moms in Mason and Cincinnati, Ohio

Individual Physical Therapy & Wellness Services in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Feel like you need more support preparing for childbirth or recovering postpartum? You’re not alone.

Many moms feel unsupported by our current healthcare system. We help busy moms and moms-to-be with birth classes, postpartum workshops, and physical therapy and wellness services that help you feel confident in your body and avoid unnecessary interventions and injury on your journey to becoming a strong, empowered mom. 

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