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Body Mechanics

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Exercise for Birth,
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How we help

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save time, prepare for birth, and recover realistically

postpartum mom lifting baby using proper body mechanics for physical therapy

Body Mechanics

feed, lift, and care for baby in a way that supports recovery

pregnant mom holding her pregnant belly


no posture shaming, just using posture as a tool for recovery

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Hands-on Comfort

using touch to tend to aches and pains when needed

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learn about your amazing body and how to tend to it

pregnant couple labor dancing during childbirth class

Childbirth Classes

learn to support you body's natural ability for birth

Why work with Alex

Do you ever feel overwhelmed navigating all of the changes of motherhood?

The changes to a mom’s body alone can be mind-blowing one minute and joyous the next. More than any other time in life, it can feel like another job just to figure out how to prepare for birth, safely exercise, and recover after birth.

If you feel like your OB hasn’t given much guidance on these topics, you are not alone (McGee et al. 2018). This is the top reason clients reach out to us.


While our obstetric providers can’t be experts at everything, this lack of guidance leads many moms to turn to Google and social media for direction. What you find there can be helpful but it can also lead you down a shame and confusion spiral with thoughts like this:

  • Can I exercise during pregnancy? Are epidurals bad? Do I have a diastasis?
  • I was cleared to exercise, but how the heck do I get back to exercising?

We know this because our owner, Alex, and so many of our clients experience this. After becoming pregnant, Alex quickly realized that her fancy doctorate of physical therapy didn’t prepare her as well as she thought it would to deal with the changes of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Hearing conflicting advice from her medical providers and experiencing a lack of support lead Alex to doing her own research and reaching out to women’s health experts and moms. Many women shared that they felt lost in our current healthcare system too.

Alex decided that it was time to put that fancy degree to work for moms.

Here are just a few of Alex’s women’s health qualifications:


Care that is convenient to you

home visits


save time and get comfortable

We don’t want a trip to the clinic to be a barrier, so we primarily come to you. Some problems can be best solved at home. 

  • how to use your equipment
  • breastfeeding setup
  • baby care
  • lifting from crib
  • baby wearing
  • workstation setup
  • sleeping setup
  • birth prep
  • teaching your partner comfort measures
physical therapy clinic


get the space you need

If it’s space you need, we also have clinic space available. Our sessions are still private and one-on-one so that you can make the most of your time. We have select clinic times. 

  •  when addressing leakage or pelvic floor pain are a primary focus
  • for those who have difficulty relaxing in their home environment
  • for those who just prefer getting out of the house
group postpartum pelvic health workshops


socialize, learn, and normalize

Our goal is to think outside-of-the-clinic. If you like learning and exercising in the community, contact us today to get on the waitlist or to request a new one. 

  • Pregnancy Prep
  • Preparing for Postpartum Recovery
  • Safe Exercise Modifications during Pregnancy
  • Reconnecting with Your Abs
  • Postpartum Return to Exercise
  • Ready to Run

What clients are saying husband and I had no idea there were so many different labor positions and were unfamiliar with the many stages of labor... she explained anatomy concepts i n a way that was easy to understand... My husband and I feel so much more empowered and confident after working with Alex.
Expectant First Time Mom
...Alex was a very motivational instructor and was able to provide great feedback... Her knowledge is extensive and this workshop gave me the confidence to get back into postpartum fitness safely.
First Time Mom
...The instruction and explanation from Alex helped me activate all of my muscles, especially those we don’t think of that need the most attention right after having a baby. She also did a fantastic job of modifying every exercise for each persons ability... The community that Alex builds makes it so much fun... I was so grateful and it has really jumpstarted my journey back into being physically active.
Second Time Mom, Former Athlete

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McGee LD, Cignetti CA, Sutton A, Harper L, Dubose C, Gould S. Exercise During Pregnancy: Obstetricians’ Beliefs and Recommendations Compared to American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ 2015 Guidelines. Cureus. 2018;10(8):e3204. Published 2018 Aug 25. doi:10.7759/cureus.3204

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